Over 5.9 Million Fans and Followers will see this Tourism Ireland ‘theatrical postcard’

... and they will see the Cliffs of Moher.
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To celebrate Ireland’s wonderful theatre culture, Tourism Ireland has teamed up with the Abbey Theatre to create a series of three short films to help keep the beauty of Ireland to the fore and to showcase our authentic home-grown talent around the world.

The first film features Sinéad Burke, who shares insights into her play, These Four Walls, performed by actress Eleanor Walsh. She also speaks about her love for Ireland and some of her favourite places, including Co Meath and the Cliffs of Moher.

In the film, Sinéad Burke praises Ireland, saying: “What makes Ireland interesting, curious, different, important … is its people. We have a voice and a perspective that is global. What I love most about holidays in Ireland is exploring the things that you’ve heard about. There is so much beauty to be found…. and then you go to the Cliffs of Moher and are just so impressed by the reality that they exist at all.”

It’s a wonderful ‘postcard’ with a great message and you can see it here

Shared with over 5.9 Million Fans and Followers

The short film is being shared with Tourism Ireland’s fans and followers on its social platforms – including Facebook (almost 4.6 million fans worldwide), Instagram (804,000 followers), Twitter (530,000 followers) and YouTube.


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