The Government announces accelerated roadmap, and plans to bring forward the reopening of domestic tourism

Phase 2 of the reopening roadmap has begun, with just two and not three remaining phases.
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In what is some good news for tourism and the economy, the Government has announced the speeding up of the roadmap to remove many of the Covid-19 connected restrictions.

Phase 2 of the roadmap has begun (June 8) and the Government also announced that there will now be just two remaining phases instead of three. Phase 3 will start on June 29, and the final phase, Phase 4 will start on July 20. The precise changes within phase three and four will be announced soon.

The Government expectation is that what will be permitted in Phase 3 on June 29 will be more advanced than initially planned and will include:

  • the reopening of domestic tourism in our country
  • bringing forward the opening of hotels, restaurants, bars that also operate as restaurants, hostels, caravan parks, galleries and museums

Under Phase 2, now in effect, some of the changes that positively impact tourism and the economy include:

  • Residents of Clare can now travel anywhere within the county, or up to 20 kilometres from their home, whichever is greater. These travel limits will be lifted from the end of June.
  • All retail stores can reopen, but opening times will be staggered to relieve pressure on public transport. Everyone is encouraged to shop locally, shop safely and support businesses in their community.
  • Groups of up to 6 people will be able to interact with each other indoors or outdoors, once they keep at least 2 metres apart. Groups of up to 15 will be able to meet for outdoor sporting activities.
  • Playgrounds can now reopen, and outdoor camps for children can also be run, once there are no more than 15 people involved.
  • More people will be able to return to work, including all those who work on their own or whose work can be done safely while staying 2 metres apart from others.
  • Working from home should remain the norm for those who can do so.

Shopping centres can reopen on June 15, provided only shops open and measures are taken to ensure people do not congregate at benches, fountains or food courts.

The details associated with Phase 2 of lifting COVID-19 restrictions can be seen here


Note: while the accelerated roadmap brings some good news, there is recognition by the Government that the elongated reopening of tourism, the plunged international tourism market, and the impact of social distancing on capacities, will deeply impact the tourism sector. A focus for the remainder of 2020 will be on reviving the domestic market.


The Coronavirus is still in Ireland. We all must continue to observe public health guidance.

It is vital as we accelerate the Roadmap, that we all observe public health guidance and continue to stick to the basic hygiene and social distancing measures that have become a part of our daily lives; washing our hands regularly, keeping 2 metres apart, observing coughing etiquette, and avoiding crowded places.

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