Fáilte Ireland’s latest consumer sentiment survey indicates 51% are planning a short break in Ireland

Get the latest insights into what people are thinking about taking a domestic holiday.
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Fáilte Ireland’s latest consumer sentiment survey indicates that 51% are planning a short break in Ireland. It is also worth noting that the data was collected prior to the Government announcement of June 5, accelerating the roadmap for recovery. That announcement should instil greater confidence in travel.

Some takeaways from the Fáilte Ireland sentiment survey – downloadable below:

  • 51% are now planning to take a short break (of 1 to 3 nights) in Ireland within the next 6 months. This has picked up from the last sentiment survey which was at 48%. As the views were sought before the announcement of an accelerated roadmap, it is reasonable to assume that this trend will continue. The increase in intentions is largely driven by those under 45 years.
  • Intentions were less positive in relation to longer breaks (of 4 or more nights), with just 23% indicating they plan to take a longer break in Ireland within the next 6 months. 25% indicated that they plan to take a long break abroad in the next six months.
  • The chart below indicates how people are thinking in terms of timings. Many domestic breaks, including longer-stay breaks, are being condensed into the summer months, with many determined to fit in a holiday before the new school year.
  • There is still unease among all age-groups about the coronavirus. The degree of unease varies by activity, with those involving high people densities or proximity continuing to create the most unease. Holidays within Ireland are among the activities that create the least unease, but within a holiday there are activities that people will feel more or less uneasy about (download the report to see the variances). It is clear that safety protocols will be important in mitigating concerns.
  • Relaxation and escape are primary drivers of domestic travel, underpinned by the need to connect with family.
  • Interest in activities is high among trip intenders, with reconnecting with nature part of the escape motivation.
  • Few will exit with their finances impact.

The latest consumer sentiment survey packs a lot of information into just four pages. It gives great insights into how people in Ireland are thinking – which should be influencing your thinking in relation to your business, your marketing and, importantly, how your business prepares to help keep people safe and lessen their unease when it comes to people density and proximity, and hygiene.

For insights download the four-page report here

You can download the four-page report here (in PDF format)

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