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Remind people around the globe that Clare is amazing.

Play your Part and ‘Let’s Share Clare with the World’

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has deeply impacted our lives in so many ways that we couldn’t have imagined, including disrupting the global economy, and travel in particular. It has had a devastating impact on tourism in County Clare.

For now, people cannot travel to Clare to visit their friends or to enjoy a leisure break –  taking in all that is amazing in our County. They can’t enjoy our seascapes, landscapes, or lake scapes or experience our scenic, activity, sporting, or heritage attractions.

Because people cannot travel to Clare at this time, we want to bring Clare to them, and you can help.

Use these free resources to share Clare

Clare County Council and Visit Clare Tourism are encouraging everyone in the County, particularly those who benefit from tourism, to remind people around the globe that Clare is amazing. We want people to dream of Clare for now, and to travel to see us when it is safe to do so.

To help you to ‘Share Clare’, we have a range of resources you can download and use for free, including:

  • Our ‘Dream of Clare’ video: Our one minute video is to remind people that Clare is amazing and that, although they cannot travel to us right now, we are still here and look forward to welcoming them.
  • Zoom virtual backgrounds of Clare: Use these backgrounds, sized for Zoom, on your personal or business Zoom video calls. These are mostly spectacular aerial images from our commissioned drone photo-shoot. It’s a great way to share Clare with YOUR world.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts: Use our Clare posts, sized to suit each of these social media platforms. They all feature wonderful images of county Clare.
  • Photos of Clare: You can select and use images from our photo-bank, free. There are lots of images there, and we will be adding to these over time.

Once travel resumes, our ‘Let’s Share Clare’ resources will stay in place – but all the messages will be changed to encourage people to visit us. We will be working with the tourism agencies and Clare’s tourism trade to bring about the recovery of tourism in the County.

Here is where you will find all our resources:

Go to:
Username: Share
Password: Clare

Both words are case sensitive!

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