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First suite of eLearning Supports.
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Fáilte Ireland would like to invite you to their first suite of eLearning supports that are designed to build on your employee core skills for frontline service and department management capability. These have been selected and tailored through our partnership with FLOW Hospitality Training. Our eLearning Supports are available to all Tourism businesses registered in the Republic of Ireland, and with restrictions in place across the country there is an opportunity to upskill staff in key areas.

The selected eLearning Suite is 100% subsidised by Fáilte Ireland, offering a broad range of modules for employees to refresh their skills in advance of business reopening. This offers your team the opportunity to boost their professional development and enhance skills and ensures your business is better prepared for a return to trading when operating restrictions for businesses are eased.

Who should access these eLearning supports?
You can offer these supports to all employees (including managers is recommended) currently on/or being returned to payroll. The ‘Management Suite’ is only advised for those in management roles.

The suite of modules
Fáilte Ireland is offering you a full suite of 15 modules which are available to your employees of all levels, from frontline to management. This includes access to our refreshed Accredited Service Excellence programme.

When tourism businesses reopen, the way in which they operate will be significantly different following the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite this, customers should still experience the world-class service our industry is famous for. Fáilte Ireland’s eLearning Accredited Service Excellence (ASE) programme has been refreshed to help the industry to achieve this.

Management Suite
Introduction to Management
Effective Teams
Health & Safety
Introduction to First Aid
Food Allergens
Fire Marshal (warden)
Responsible Service of Alcohol
Operational Development
Accredited Service Excellence
Café Culture: Coffee
Café Culture: Counter Service
Wine: service and food pairing
Creating Cocktails
Service that Sells

For more detailed information on the content of each module and who it is targeted for Click Here

 Registration Process (Through the Trade Portal)
1. Nominate a manager (Name, email and contact mobile no) in your business who act as eLearning administrator to register employees as learners and allocate course modules to employees.
2. Confirm the number of employees on or returning to payroll you want to offer these supports to.
In the interest of our investment cost efficiency utilisation, please only request the total number of course credits based on what you are confident you will use.
Ensure that the business commits to ensuring staff engagement to undertake and complete the learning so both you and Fáilte Ireland ensures this investment in your business is fully utilised.

Please Note: After you Register, you will receive an important email from Flow Hospitality over the next 2 days with a heading –Select a Password this will be your instruction as to how to allocate modules to your Team.

In addition to the suite of supports mentioned above, you are encouraged to visit the Fáilte Ireland website to view the extensive range of business supports to guide you through operating your business during COVID-19. These have been developed in consultation with industry experts to meet urgent needs and help your business recover.

You can access any of the Webinars here and from this landing page, navigate to the required topic.




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