Fáilte Ireland Consumer Update October 2020

Consumers remain anxious about social distancing and their safety.
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Fáilte Ireland have provided the following data and insights from October research.

As can be expected the October data reflects the moves to Level 3 and then to Level 5.

  • Consumers remain anxious about social distancing and their safety.
  • There is an opportunity to drive intention and penetration from February 2021 using specific occasions (e.g. mid-term, St. Valentines Day, etc.) as counter point to limited intent during the period. A slight uptake in intent only occurs in late spring.
  • Linked to this is the need for the industry to be ready with deals, no deposits / money back and the capability to meet increasingly spontaneous and last minute decision making.
  • Penetration of short breaks remains the primary opportunity with long breaks showing low and flat intent since the beginning of 2020. Consumers are still holding out hope for a longer break, off the shores of Ireland, in summer 2021. Critically, the role of short breaks should be upweighted consumer’s repertories.
  • More than 51% of consumers claimed to have taken less trips this year than last year and this is particularly reflective of an opportunity for penetration for short breaks during both peak and shoulder seasons

Full details of this research can be view here.




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