Fáilte Ireland Adaptation Fund with a particular emphasis on pubs.

Updated information received from Failte Ireland in November 2020
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 The Adaptation Fund remains open to all pubs, with the below changes, until the 18th December 2020. Pubs have received notification from sectorial bodies along with email notification from our Customer Support Team (if they are on our trade portal).


  • Pubs did not have to reopen in 2020 but give an undertaking to do so in 2021.
  • There is no requirement to compete a pre-eligibility and the application form is visible on the Trade Portal.
  • CST are handing all queries in relation to fund.
  • Closing date for applications for pubs is Friday 18 December at 5.00pm.

Changes to Pubs form 23 November 12 noon

Any pub business who started their application form after that date and time will have the changes below:

  1. Closing date for applications for pubs Friday 18 December at 5.00pm
  2. Question 1.3 removed (no opening date)
  3. Question 1.4 renumbered to 1.3 (Safety Charter)
  4. Help text on page 1 as below
  5. Question 3.4 removed (70 days opening)
  6. Question 3.5 (EWSS) renumbered to 3.4
  7. Question 3.6 (commitment to reopen in 2021) renumbered to 3.5. Wording changed to 3.5 Please confirm that your business commits to re-open, if permitted to do so by the Government. Evidence to this effect may need to be provided to substantiate this declaration if audited in the future.
  8. Question 4.5 (eligible expenditure) wording changed to 4.5 Please enter the total amount of eligible capital or consumables expenditure you incurred to re-open your tourism business as part of the Government’s Roadmap for Re-opening Business and Society. As a condition of the funding, grantees are required to retain evidence of eligible expenditure in the form of invoices/receipts for 10 years to facilitate spot checks and sample audits. Amounts should be VAT exclusive, unless the VAT cannot be recovered from the Revenue Commissioners.

You can check business eligibility and how to apply for the Covid-19 adaptation fund here.


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