COVID-19 Consumer Sentiment and Behaviour

The latest consumer sentiment data
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The latest consumer sentiment data can be viewed here.  While caution and anxiety continue to underpin behaviour the metrics have started moving in a positive direction:-

  • Intent is up to 60%
  • 57% of intended short breaks are replacements for short breaks overseas.  This is skewed by unconstrained adults under 25 and the numbers are clearly driven by both caution and travel restrictions.  Consumers have held off making decisions around replacing trips until recently.
  • 56% of consumers have taken a short trip / day trip and the bulk of these are for leisure activities.

Key to aspects of this research continue to be ensuring you have the COVID Safety Charter completed is important (the recent attractions research continues to support this need) and developing value offerings to consumers, in particular families.  The Covid-19 Business Support Hub on the Fáilte Ireland website has the latest updates and expert advice.

An executive summary on Consumer Sentiment and Insights can be viewed here.

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