COVID-19 Consumer Sentiment 28th July 2020

Fáilte Ireland's latest consumer sentiment data
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The mood of the nation remains positive but some worrying signs that fear of complacency and indeed complacency itself could threaten a fragile economy.   Clear evidence of increasing interest in domestic breaks – primarily driven by short break intentions.   The latest consumer sentiment data can be viewed here.

Visible reassurances required to ensure visitor confidence that safety measures are being taken (e.g. strong roll out of Covid-19 Safety Charter, encouraging all visitors and staff to download the Contact Tracing App).  Key to aspects of this research continue to be ensuring you have the COVID Safety Charter completed is important (the recent attractions research continues to support this need) and developing value offerings to consumers, in particular families.  The Covid-19 Business Support Hub on the Fáilte Ireland website has the latest updates and expert advice.


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