Fáilte Ireland’s Consumer Sentiment May 2021

The data collected for this report was for the period directly after Government announcements made on April 29th regarding the accelerated easing of Covid-19 restrictions.
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The first consumer read post the Government’s April announcement of accelerate easing of restrictions saw:

  • Significant increases in Domestic travel intentions – particularly at 6 month intent and 3 month intent levels
  • Significant increases in bookings
  • Significant increases in those looking for domestic short trips in July

No shifts were recorded in overseas travel intentions. However, there are clear signals that trips abroad will run deeper into the season – overseas trip intentions across October through December are double that of domestic patterns.

With significant proportions of consumers reporting domestic trips as replacements for, and a high possibility for substitution towards, overseas travel, marketing and other trade lead initiatives will need continued activation.  The full latest consumer update can be viewed here

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