Fáilte Ireland’s Consumer Sentiment February 2021

The data is much as we would’ve expected and there will potentially only be slight movements in Feb.
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While the numbers are a bit bleak there are some early signs in our lead indicators which point to better domestic numbers this year:
•Consumers who did not travel at all last year show significantly higher intent to travel domestically this year
•Unconstrained adults under 35 are exploring their options and showing a keen interest in local travel
•Families are actively planning their breaks

The geographic distribution of intended trips follows long established patterns of domestic tourism and suggests that most consumers will stick to key, popular destinations.  This is apparent for both short and long breaks.  However, non-traditional destinations, including Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands, have an opportunity to communicate compelling reasons for consumers to break these patterns.

We have a deep dive in field with consumers at the moment – this is aimed at exploring needs and motivators for travel this year in more detail, with a focus on unpacking additional insights and tactical opportunities for the trade.  These results will be out at the end of the month.

Full details can be viewed here




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