Fáilte Ireland’s Consumer Sentiment dated 12th April 2021

Consumers are still unsure what they can and can’t do when it comes to travel, and as a result much of the data is flat.
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The latest Consumer Sentiment update is dated 12th April.  In essence, consumers are still unsure what they can and can’t do when it comes to travel, and as a result much of the data is flat.  Fáilte Ireland are able to collect additional data as consumer mindsets become more travel oriented and there are a couple of positive signs that we should be looking at:

  • Intent is slowly picking up but the change is not yet significant

That said, the interaction between domestic and overseas travel is pointing at a domestic ‘win’:

  • Substitution of international trips with domestic ones this year is around the 50% mark
  • If consumers had booked a domestic trip and were then able to travel internationally, 60% would not change their travel plans

There is a fair amount of ‘noise’ in the data which is always indicative of change and the April metrics should be looking strong for domestic tourism

Details of 2020 Domestic Tourism released by the CSO can be viewed here

Headlines are:

  • The results are partial as there was no data for Q2 (with national lockdown, surveying was paused)
  • There was a strong shift towards self-catering
  • While Q3 was strong – up by one third – overall we estimate that the year-on-year change in domestic trips taken could be in the region of -35% with revenue down -30%.
    There is no comparable information on the overseas market.

Enterprise supports:

Many of you have received communications from various Fáilte Ireland teams in recent weeks regarding current enterprise supports available online, and virtual workshops, sales platforms etc. Just a reminder that the Covid specific enterprise supports are accessible here on the Covid Supports hub and there are some really good new webinars in there worth taking a look at, specifically the following:

  1. Strategic Food and Beverage operations guidance
  2. new webinar to provide useful insights into the domestic market and help businesses drive bookings when the country re-opens.

Fáilte Ireland Covid19 Safety Charter:

It’s probably time now for many of you to look at renewing the COVID-19 Safety Charter – The Charter is valid until a specified date. Businesses will be required to Renew their COVID-19 Safety Charter before this date. Businesses with the COVID-19 Safety Charter can view this date and complete a Renewal through the Fáilte Ireland Trade Portal. For renewal purposes, it is important that the details of the COVID-19 Lead Worker Representative are kept up to date on the Trade Portal.


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