Spanish Point

At Spanish Point, 2 miles (3 km) west of Milltown Malbay, is a small resort with a good sandy beach and golf course. Spanish Point is so named because of the Spaniards who were buried here after the wreck of their Armada ships along this coast in 1588. One of the ships was wrecked on the reefs to landward of Mutton Island (2 miles/3 km) off shore, can be visited by currach hired in the fishing village of Quilty. More than a thousand men were lost, and many of their bodies were carried by the tide to Spanish Point.

In modern times Spanish Point has developed into a bustling seaside resort welcoming many visitors each year. Visitors can expect to enjoy seaside and beach activities during the summer and can join in one of the best surfing spots in Clare. There are lots of opportunities to sample exquisite seafood in the area with some establishments running cookery courses.

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