Scariff is a beautiful market town built on a hill in East Clare. The square of the town is located on the crest of the hill making every road on the town go uphill. The Scariff River and Ducey's Pier is very attractive for anglers while river cruises are a very popular choice for visitors as well.

An Scairbh can be translated as 'a rocky ford', and would adequately describe the market town that grew from the shores of Lough Derg and the Graney River.  As early as 1564 there are records of Scarriff Castle and evidence suggests that by the 17th century, an important village had grown up here around the castle.

There are many walkways and rest areas along the river side. Visitors can investigate about the history through the heritage centre which is located next to the 10th century church in Tuamagraney. Scariff also has many amenities such as post office, library, shops, doctor and Garda station for the visitors various needs.

A new state of the art playground is now located on the Feakle Road leaving Scarriff Village.  This is a great way to entertain active children for free.

Scarriff was chosen as the location for the regional headquarters of Waterways Ireland, a body which manages, maintains and develops Ireland's inland navigable waterways, principally for recreational purposes. The redevelopment of Scarriff Harbour by Waterways Ireland is helping to establish Scarriff as an important centre on Ireland's waterways.

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