Cassidy's Pub & Restaurant

Carron, Co Clare
Phone: 065 708 9109

  • Located in the Heart of the Burren
  • Cater for tour groups, weddings, parties and all social events
  • Fresh fish and seafood night take place every friday night from May each year
  • Italian night take place every Saturday night from May

The Cassidy family has long family roots in the Burren and have owned and operated a pub and grocery business in Carron since before 1830. 1956 saw a move from the original neighboring premises to the present location, a former Royal Irish Constabulary Barracks

Cassidy's Bar is situated in an area so rich in features unique to the Burren that the Daily menu takes a light-hearted look at some of them and attempts to describe both the feature and the dish it represents. If you are looking for something to ponder on while you have your meal, we are always delighted to hear suggestions for new names or descriptions. 

The menu hosts a selection of mionàin and Burren goat cheese dishes. These, with some of the wild herbs and plants native to the area, coupled with the distinct scenery will give a unique Burren feel to your dining experience. The remote location and belief in old style values are reflected in the food and hospitality served. Everything served in Cassidy's restaurant is home-cooked on the premises and only natural ingredients are used.

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