Bunratty Mead and Liqueur

Bunratty, Co. Clare
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Bunratty Mead and Liqueur
  • Potcheen had been banned from Ireland since 1661, but the Bunratty Mead and Liqueur Company became the first to sell it legally.
  • Bunratty Mead is a legendary drink with strong attachments to Ireland.
  • Bunratty Potcheen has an alchol volume of 40 or 45 percent.
  • Bunratty Mead is said to be the drink of virility and fertility.

Bunratty Mead is a traditional wine served at the Medieval Castle Banquets. It is produced from an ancient Irish recipe of pure honey, fruit of the vine and natural herbs. It's a medium sweet wine, with a wide taste appeal, and suitable for all important occasions. As the drink of the ancient Celts, Mead derives much of its appeal through Irish Folklore, which is legendary of this mystical drink with strong attachments to Ireland.

If music be the food of love then Bunratty Meade is surely the drink of passion. First discovered by Irish monks in the middle ages, Mead was believed to have the magical powers of virility and fertility. In ancient times it became the custom for the bride and groom to drink Mead for one full moon after their wedding, hence the term "Honeymoon" still used today. Bunratty Meade, the result of marrying pure honey and the fruit of the vine together with selected herbs recreates this legendary wine.

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