A little village with a big heart and a great sense of community. Over the past ten years, the population of the village of Clarecastle has rapidly increased in size, due to its close proximity to Ennis, Shannon and Limerick. It is also less than an hour away from Galway city and provides a lovely place to stop for tea.

A focal point of the village and a spot well worth visiting is The Castle Antique Arts & Craft Centre. This new attraction in the heart of the village is 5,000 sq. ft. of shopping space, dedicated to all things creative, vintage and antique. Relax and enjoy browsing through the halls and floors of this unique outlet and be delighted by an unexpected find. The Castle Coffee House & Eatery is right next door, serving up delicious delights throughout the day – while there’s a great kiddies’ playground just across the road.

Origin of Name: The town is named after the Clare Castle which stands on an island in the narrowest navigable part of the River Fergus. The name probably originated as ‘Clár adar da choradh’, which means ‘the bridge between two weirs’.

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