Welding at imecofarm

30 March 2013
10:00 - 16:30

Imecofarm, Islandmcgrath, Clarecastle, Co Clare
Phone: 065 6841552/ 0874000393
Email: info@imecofarm.com
Web: http://www.imecofarm.com/Course_Renewable_Energy_Courses.htm

  • 1 day training course with notes provided
  • Refreshments upon arrival
  • 95 euro per person
  • Learn Arc Welding standard 5mm mild steel

Wear solid footware ( steel toe caps) and long sleeves and work clothes. Gloves and helmets are provided and numbers are kept to a minimum on this course to see and learn properly. This course allows you to understand how to use an arc welder, and how to weld standard mild steel. We set up pieces of flat, angle and circle pipe to practice on and see what is correct and incorrect welding. An excellent course for farmers and DIY people.check website on www.imecofarm.co for full details.

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