Crusheen Singers' Session

10 April 2013
21:30 - 23:00


Crusheen Singers' Session held in The Highway Inn, Ennis Road, Crusheen, Co. Clare. Contact John Madden on phone number 086 1517744 for more details.

Session held second Wednesday of every month. Singers' sessions (also known as singers' clubs or singers' circles) are slow variants of the Irish traditional music session; however the dominant mode is not instrumental music so much as the human voice in song. Each session is unique, with its own rules and dynamics. Some charge a fee, others are free of charge. Some do not allow musical instruments at all. Others do, provided they do not overpower the songs. Some sessions insist only Irish traditional songs be sung. Others are more lenient. If uncertain what the rules are for the session in your area, feel free to attend and ask. 

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