Ennis Festival of Light

21 November 2014 - 23 November 2014

Email: info@ennisfestivaloflight.com
Web: www.ennisfestivaloflight.com

The Festival will take place on the following dates from Friday Nov 21nd to Sunday Nov 23 2014 in Ennis in Co Clare. We are gathering together Ireland’s most prominent leaders, teachers and explorers in the fields of mindfulness, self development, self awareness and spirituality to harness their energy, awareness and light under the umbrella name of: The Ennis Festival of Light.

We plan to put Co Clare and in particular Ennis on the national and International map as being at the centre of this particular field of study and over the next 5 years grow the festival into a gathering of excellence in the fields of mindfulness, self development and spirituality inviting leading teachers from all over the world The ethos of the festival and of yoga, mediation, mindful movement and chant is, at its simplest, a way to shift the vibrational charges in the body, in the environment, in the Town and create an environment firstly within ourselves and then extend it outwards to facilitate deep positive change and healing. This work when practiced properly extends far beyond our single - soul selves and brings us into a place of deeper connection and unity. We need to create this community in order to support and encourage growth and change in our wider communities.

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