Burren Slow Food Festival 2014

23 May 2014 - 25 May 2014

Email: slowfoodclare@gmail.com
Web: www.slowfoodclare.com

The Burren Slow Food Festival will be held at the Pavilion Theatre, Lisdoonvarna & its grounds.

The Slow Food Movement focuses on several aspects of food & culture from the social aspects of taking time to eat with others/the Community; from understanding the link of food on the table to the agricultural practices that produce it; to the artistic, historical & environmental heritage of the places people eat & shop; to educate ourselves as consumers & to educate the palate through sharing knowledge of taste/experience; as well as topics of biodiversity & sustainability are important elements of Slow Food internationally.

The festival will include:

Cookery Demonstrations, Celebrity Chefs, Farmers' Markets, Local Food Talks, Cafe and Barbeque, Cooking for Kids, Gala Dinner, Burren Walks, Tastings and much more.

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