What's Left Behind

07 June 2014 - 28 June 2014

Email: nathalieelbaba@gmail.com

Taking as their theme “what’s left behind” this exhibition brings together the work of two Clare based artists, Nathalie El Baba and Emma Stewart-Liberty. Nathalie’s work looks at the narrative of people’s lives, reflecting on the physical evidence of emigration represented by the empty bedrooms and left objects of Ireland’s young generation. Emma’s work is about the close observation of the minutiae of plants, in particular those parts that often are dismissed and overlooked once the flower has died. Both artists work from the found objects they come across in their daily activities, Emma’s work being drawn from a variety of natural forms,such as seaweed roots from the high tide line, discarded twigs or fallen petals, while in her collection of work Nathalie combines both the ‘found’ objects and ‘left’ ones.

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