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Killaloe Farmers' Market

Killaloe Farmers' Market

05 January 2014 - 21 December 2014
11:00 - 15:00 Every Sunday


The Killaloe Farmers Market is one of County Clares finest and most vibrant Farmers Markets. The Killaloe Market started in 2004 as part of Killaloes Brian Boru Festival and has grown into one of the areas most famous weekly attractions. Opening Times:11.00am to 3pm, Every Sunday Rain or Shine. Location between the Waters just on the slipway of the Killaloe Ballina Bridge. Parking is available on the slipway and nearby. For further information contact Chairman Daniel Kerkhofs 087/9886649.

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

25 October 2014


The Harvest Festival will take place on the 25th October. With Golden Spoon award entries, musicians, clowns, dancers, this Festival is one for all the family. The day is free to attend but there will be tea and coffee on sale. A small charge for Golden Spoon Award enteries will apply.

Traditional Horse Fair Kilrush

Traditional Horse Fair Kilrush

22 November 2014


The strong tradition of Trading and the reputation of Kilrush as being a key Market Town along the Shannon Estuary are still very much alive today with 4 Traditional Horse Fairs taking place in the town each year. Horse/ Pony traders position themselves about the Market Square while traders selling all kinds of goods from household items to plants line Frances Street.

Burren Christmas Family Fayre at the Pavilion, Lisdoonvarna

Burren Christmas Family Fayre at the Pavilion, Lisdoonvarna

06 December 2014 - 07 December 2014


Clare's biggest indoor Fayre at The Pavilion, Lisdoonvarna on Saturday the 6th of December from 10am-6pm and Sunday 7th December from 11am -6pm.