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Martha Cashman Exhibition

Martha Cashman Exhibition

11 March 2014 - 05 April 2015
09:30 - 05:30

Gallery at the County Museum, Museum Foyer, Town Plaza, Ennis, Co Clare

Martha is a graduate of Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork and has exhibited extensively throughout Ireland. Her work explores the domestic and gardening utensil and its effect on the user; works are made from a mixed media of paper porcelain, woven wire, carved wood and painted drift wood.

Culture Night iin Clare

Culture Night iin Clare

18 September 2015


Friday, September 18th sees the annual Culture Night throughout Ireland and once again County Clare is to the forefront with over 25 free events happening throughout the county. The organisers of Culture Night, the Department of Arts, have kept last year's theme Explore – Experience – Enjoy due to it's phenomenal success. Music is very much to the fore this year and once again Ennis sees the largest array of Culture Night activities. The phenomenally successful Riches of Clare con...