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The Rainbow Project

Commencing in April, children and their parent/carer, will work with Joanna Parkes to create an interactive drama piece through music, movement and storytelling.

With the children, Joanna will explore the colours of the rainbow and from this, associate colour with feelings, moods and emotions. Joanna will lead with her most recent work – The King of the Sea’s Party and from there, as glór’s artist in residence, will work with children and their parents to create a theatre piece, using colour and music to generate stories that describe how and what very young children feel and experience.

Joanna Parkes is an experienced Drama practitioner who works in theatrical contexts in the Outreach/Education department at The Abbey Theatre and with The Ark, the national children’s cultural centre, to develop interactive drama & storytelling workshops for 3 to 6 year olds.

The Causeway
Co. Clare
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