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Tales of the Unseen: A Contemporary Circus Double Bill

Suitable for Children Over 10 years

Riuchi presents The Tale of the Ancient Lights and Squarehead Productions present The Whistle.

glór presents a contemporary circus double bill, with The Tale of the Ancient Lights and The Whistle.

The Tale of the ancient Lights is a search for destiny in Asian Legend. This is a story told through the skilled movements of the artist. The piece is a non-narrative 45mins show which embodies beauty and poetry, enacted with a deft combination of circus, dance and magic.

The concept of The Whistle is almost genius in its simplicity: the performer onstage has a whistle. When he blows it, the audience closes their eyes, when he blows it again, they open them. What if you were at the same time spectator and creator of a piece? A juggler, a whistle and the audience together create a multitude of moments: Time travel – Déjà vu – Glitches – Fast forward – Rewind – Déjà vu. All without technics or special effects.

Causeway Link
Co. Clare
V95 VHP0
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