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Proclaiming a Republic – the origins of the 1916 Proclamation

Part of the Clare 1916 Centenary Group lecture series

As part of the Clare 1916 Centenary Group lecture series one of Clare’s leading historians, Dr. Pádraig Óg Ó Ruairc will give a lecture on Friday, September 9th in Fawls, The Railway Bar, Ennis at 7.30pm. The lecture is entitled “Proclaiming a Republic – the origins of the 1916 Proclamation”.

Dr. Ó Ruairc will look at how Patrick Pearse, James Connolly and the other leaders of the 1916 Rising who wrote the 1916 Proclamation were inspired by previous Proclamations written by the United Irishmen in 1798 and the Fenians in 1867. The lecture will also examine the place that the 1916 Proclamation has in modern Irish politics and culture and will ask how relevant the document is to the lives of Irish people today.

Pádraig has a PhD in History from the University of Limerick. He is a well known historian and a prolific author. His books include:

· Blood On The Banner – The Republican Struggle in Clare

· The Battle For Limerick City

· Revolution : a photographic history of revolutionary Ireland

· Truce: murder, myth and the last days of the Irish War of Independence

To mark the centenary of the 1916 Rising, he has recently released a new book The Men Will Talk To Me – Clare Interviews. This book contains five, never before published, interviews of Clare Republicans who fought in the War of Independence and Civil War.

Fawls Railway Bar,
O'Connell Street,
Co. Clare
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