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Emerging Irish Artist Residency Award

Burren College of Art Exhibition

All are invited to attend the launch of Geological Cake: a joint exhibition between the Burren College of Art and Gallery 126 featuring work by recipients of the Emerging Irish Artist Residency Award in September of 2016. The opening reception at BCA will be held on February 3rd at 6pm and will include a talk by geologist, Eamon Doyle, from the Burren Geopark.

Geological Cake, constructs ersatz topographies, monuments, edifices and pseudo-geographies. In a fragmentary era where things, both tangible and technological, are fluid and in flux, the work attempts to document, reproduce and reference the Artist’s direct environs. Utilizing discarded, quarried and invisible technological geographies the four artists visually explore historical, geological, psychological and gadgetry debris to construct ley lines in which to navigate a terrain saturated with stuff. Absorbed in the landscape are layers of anthropic intervention within this ancient gateaux.

Each year four emerging Irish artists are selected from an open submission and given the opportunity for a focused period of producing work during a one month residency at BCA. This group of artists then work collaboratively with G126 to produce a large scale show that takes place in both galleries at a later date.

The exhibition runs from February 3rd to 24th and features artists; 1iing Heaney, Alex Holzinger, Fiona Kelly, Dervla Mulcahy.


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