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thesilverstagofbunratty.jpgThe Hunt is on… In an Ireland full of war and danger, four children race to save Bunratty Castle’s magical Silver Stag.
The Silver Stag of Bunratty by Eithne Massey.
Eithne Massey, author of the hugely successful novel The Secret of Kells, is back with her second thrilling novel for children. Adventure, conflict and danger await four children, as they race to save the magical Silver Stag of Bunratty Castle from a gruesome death. Sir Richard de Clare, Lord of Bunratty, wants the head of the Silver Stag on his walls and is preparing to hunt down his prey. Dame Anna, the mysterious woman in the castle tower, warns that any harm to this stag will bring doom to Bunratty for generations to come.
The children must work together and fast, but they are soon out of their depth. As they become the hunted ones, can they save the stag – and themselves – before it’s too late?
Based partly on truth, this exhilarating adventure is full of mystery and magic and brings County Clare’s incredible medieval fortress to life for a whole new generation.
Eithne Massey is the author of The Secret of Kells, The Dreaming Tree, Best-Loved Irish Legends, Legendary Ireland and her third novel for children Where the Stones Sing, will be published in Autumn 2011 by The O’Brien Press. She is also a short-story writer. She is a graduate of UCD and NUI Maynooth. As a librarian, she works in both Dublin and Brittany, France. She has had a lifelong interest in mythology.