Poulawack Cairn

Poulawack, Co Clare
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Poulawack Cairn

The Burren region of north Clare boasts some of Irelands best preserved monuments none more striking than Poulawack Cairn. The Cairn is one of a number of prehistoric burial mounds found in the Burren and certainly the most impressive. It dates back to between 2000 and 3000 B.C.

Poulawack is about 1km south of Caherconnell Stone fort the cairn is 20m across. It was excavated in 1934. Ten graves containing the remains of 16 individuals were discovered. Recent reassessment of the Poulawack finds indicate that it had a long and complicated history.

The fact that so few people were buried here over such a long period indicates what a great priviledge it must have been to be interred in this place. You can find out more information about this site at the Caherconnell Visitor center.

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