Carran Turlough Geosite

Carran, Co Clare

Carran Turlough Geosite

A geosite is a location that has a particular geological or geomorphological significance. As well as its inherent geological characteristics it may also have cultural or heritage significance. The geosites in the Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark were selected for their accessibility as well as their geological and cultural significance, to provide ease of access for visitors and educational groups. There are nine geosites in the Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark and they are described in detail in the book ‘Stone, Water & Ice - a geology trip through the Burren’ which is available at visitor centres and bookshops throughout north Clare.

Walk the quiet roads of the Carron Polje - the largest karst depression in northwest Europe. This large hollow can be filled, very quickly, with a seasonal lake (Carron Turlough) when rainfall is high and groundwater wells up through underground springs. As the season dries it can empty just as quickly, as the water drains underground through subterranean channels and swallow holes.

Explore the Carron Loop Walking trail over Termon Mountain, with its fantastic views across the Carron Turlough, and visit the historical monuments of Termon Cross, Temple Cronin Medieval Church and St Fachtnan’s Holy Well.


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