Doolin Garden & Nursery

Doolin, Co Clare
Phone: 087 9147725

Doolin Garden & Nursery

This garden is designed to look very simple, but as one moves around it, you begin to find "hidden" pathways leading to other sections or mini gardens. The main thrust is two long grass runways which meet at a focal point. These are traversed by stone and gravel pathways which lead in and out of other areas. To a certain extent, you could call them show gardens as most of the plants you see are for sale in my nursery. It's good to be able to see mature plants of what you are buying. The garden surrounds an award winning house designed by Shelly McNamara of Grafton Architects (1995). Like the house, the garden is fairly contemporary but has some traditonal hidden sections, such as a circular box hedged area planted with white lillies and roses planted over four arches. Favourites plants are Astrantias, Heucheras, Lysimachias, Euphorbias, Perovskia, Geraniums, Scabiosas, Sisyrinchiums, Daisies and now Roses (the latter i think is an age thing).

At least 90% of the plants in the garden have been propagated and grown outdoors and are for sale. If they flourish in the harsh Doolin weather, what will they do in your garden?

Matt as a gardener is self taught. He was trained as a designer in the NCAD in Dublin and the Inchbald School of Design, London. He is now retired but has worked as a designer, taught for 5 years in the Dunlaoghaire school of Art, worked as a batik artist and ran the Doolin Crafts Gallery for over 20 years.

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