Mooghaun Fort

Mooghaun Woods, Dromoland Estate, Newmarket on Fergus, Co Clare
Phone: 065 7089 999

Mooghaun hillfort (spelled Moghane in Irish) located in Co. Clare is thought to be the largest hillfort in Ireland. Built just after 1260-930 B.C. it is situated "on a low hillock in a fairly gently undulating landscape of good agricultural land dotted with many small lakes".It sits 80m above sea level and with an area of 27 acres (12 hectares) it dominates the surrounding landscape.

Mooghaun is located in the grounds of Drumoland castle and provides extensive views of the Shannon estuary. It is a trivallate hillfort meaning it has three circular ramparts all of which are contained within one another. The outer wall encloses 27.18 acres the middle enclosure contains 7.41 acres and the inner enclosure contains 2.04 acres. The ramparts can be as much as 12m wide in some places and over 2m in height. The middle enclosure has an entrance in the northeast and the inner enclosure has an entrance on the West side. Along the Northwestern area of the outer wall is a cashel of a later date.

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