Cahermore Stone Fort

Cahermore (near the Aillwee Caves), Ballyvaughan, Co Clare
Phone: 065 7089 999

Cahermore Stone Fort
  • Please be advised this is a walking visitor attraction
  • No safe parking in the immediate area

Cahermore stone fort is located near the Ailwee caves on the road from Ballyvaughan to Caherconnell. It is one of the forts in the Burren which was most likely occupied until late medieval times. Visitors today will find it in a state of some disrepair however the stone doorway which was rebuilt in recent times is a feature worth stopping to see.

The other unusual feature of Cahermore is that the roadway appears to rund through it's outer ring. It is generally very uncommon for people to interfere with these ancient monuments as it is considered an extremely unlucky act. It is likely that the route of the road reflects a much earlier routeway.

The hazel scrub which now surronds the fort is of fairly recent origin - we can deduce this from pictures taken by Westropp in the 1880's showing the fort clear of any hazel.

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