Cahercommaun Stone Fort

Cahercommaun, Co Clare
Phone: 065 7089 999

Cahercommaun Stone Fort

Cahercommaun is situated on a burren hilltop over looking a wooded valley. The fort itself is quite worn down by time. The aerial shots you can see here give the best view of the structure. At ground level the walls are quite spread out and it is much more difficult to visualise what the whole structure must have looked like in it's prime.

Burren ringforts such as this would have been home to a large extended family group after it's excavation in the 1930's the archaeologists concluded that Cahercommaun would have been home to and extended family of at least 40 people. These archaeologists also excavated other sites in the Burren area.

The economy of these family groups was based largely on argriculture. It is likely that ringforts were at the centre of what would now days be quite large farms. Trade would have been quite limited at the time so it is likely that these family goups were largely self sufficient. Among the artifacts discovered during these excavations were wooden spindles used in the process of weaving.

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