CELT: Centre for Environmental Living and Training

Main Street, Scarriff, Co Clare
Phone: 061 640765
Email: info@celtnet.org
Web: www.celtnet.org

  • Increasing Environmental Awareness through an active schools programme, student exchanges, training courses for adults, skills demonstrations and networking with other groups and organisations.
  • Nature Conservation through involvement in local projects and working with initiatives such as the Clare Biodiversity Action Plan. Also by promoting planting and use of native trees.
  • Promoting Renewable Energy through demonstrations and displays of specialist equipment and materials and making available relevant information and training.
  • Keeping alive Traditional Countryside Skills and Crafts through bringing together local and national experts to provide training and education for all levels.
  • Promoting Healthy Food Production through providing information, education and training in organics, permaculture, agroforestry, companion planting, etc.

CELT is a community group and registered charity involved in:- Ecology, Nature Conservation, Traditional Skills and Environmental Education. At our twice-yearly Weekend in the Woods event you can train in traditional skills such as Herblore, Woodcarving, Basketry, Sugan Chair Making, Greenwood Furniture, Blacksmithing, Coppersmithing, Natural Building, Dry Stone Walling, Boat Building, River Ecology, Fishing, Leatherwork, Felting, Silversmithing and more! Information and training also available through Native Tree Nursery on Sustainable Woodland Management, Native Trees, Dunemann System, Willow- Work etc. Projects with schools and community groups welcome.

CELT provides exhibitions and demonstrations of traditional skills and crafts locally and countrywide. We hold 'Weekend in the Woods' traditional and ecological skills training events every May and September for adults & youngsters (aged 8yrs & upwards). These events are currently held in the privately owned Bealkelly Wood, Tuamgraney (not open to visitors outside specified events, except on business).

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