Doolin Language Centre

Doolin, Co Clare
Phone: 065 7072436

  • Superior, on-site accommodation, allowing immediate access to all resources
  • Internet-enabled desktop PCs
  • Fax Facilities
  • General and business library
  • Meeting and seminar rooms
  • Restaurant and laundry facilities

Doolin Language Centre is a language and communications training centre for adult learners of English. It specialises in Language Activity Holidays and Business English Immersions, and also offers General English and Professional English programmes. It is a family-run centre that strives to focus on the individual needs of its learners in order to maximise progress. Our combination of expert tuition, beautiful natural surroundings and pre-organised, stimulating leisure & training activities allows us to offer a truly unique learning experience.

COURSES: We offer General English & Business English programmes at levels from Elementary to Advanced. Most programmes comprise 15 hours of formal tuition per week, with programmes normally concluding by 1.00pm. This allows learners the flexibility to combine morning tuition with afternoon activities and to join any of the mid-week and weekend excursions especially organised by Doolin Language Training. We specialise in Language Activity Holidays packages tailored to the individual needs of our students. Morning tuition is combined with a choice of activity (e.g. Surfing, Walking, Cycling, Horse-riding, Irish cultural activities) and the package includes all transport, accommodation as well as some meals. Our Immersion packages for business students comprise up to 30 hours tuition, thereby allowng maximum progress in minimum time.

ACCOMMODATION: A unique feature at Doolin Language Centre is that participants have the opportunity to avail of private, superior accommodation at the centre itself, allowing greater opportunity for interaction and communication. Doolin Language Centre also offers a range of other high quality residential and host family accommodation, all of which are close to the centre and are regularly checked and visited: you can choose from host-family, self-catering houses, hotel , hostel.

TUTORS & FACILITATORS: All of our tutors and facilitators are educated to degree level and are experienced in teaching English as a Foreign Language. They are selected on the basis of their EFL (English as a Foreign Language) qualifications, but also on the basis of their professional, academic or social experience and interests.

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