Irish Seed Savers Association

Capparoe, Scarriff, Co Clare
Phone: 061 921866 / 061 921856

Irish Seed Savers Association
  • Annual subscription fee for free vegetable seeds and non-commercial potato seed.
  • A huge variety of workshops running throughout the year.
  • Native Irish apple collection.
  • Group tours of the gardens and orchards available.
  • School educational tours available.

The ISSA is a voluntary organisation dedicated to the location and preservation of traditional varieties of fruit and vegetables. The Association maintains a seed bank which distributes seed of these non-commercially available vegetables as well as a network of heritage potatoes. We pass them on to subscribers so that they can learn to save them and in this way ensure a living agricultural legacy. A primary goal of the ISSA is to bring Ireland's cultural and genetic heritage into the hands of ordinary people. One of the unique aspects of seed saving networks which exist all over the world is the opportunity to share in the responsibility and joy of conserving the planet's diminishing genetic resources in a real and practical manner.

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